The objectives of the Muldoon Chamber of Commerce are:

(1) Business Advocacy. The Chamber will promote a positive business environment for Muldoon and East Anchorage.

(2) Economic and Business Development. The Chamber will promote economic and business growth in East Anchorage with emphasis on independent businesses.

Our primary goals are to strengthen our local economy, to promote the community, provide networking opportunities, and focus on matters of the community affecting business.

Until the first Annual Meeting and election, the Chamber Organizing Committee will serve as the Board of Directors.

Any person, firm, association or corporation engaged in providing a service or product and who embraces the mission of the Chamber and operates out of a physical location within the 99504 Zip Code shall be eligible for active membership.

And if you don’t meet those requirements, we still want you as an Associate Member.

There are no dues at this time.

Join Us!


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